Process automation to handle long-running (hung) pipelines in Azure Data Factory (ADF)

We have a pipeline in our ADF instance, which pulls data on a daily basis from 300+ tables present on a cloud data source. This pipeline gets hung for a table (it can be any table) at least once a week. When this happens, many tables get stuck behind that one table.

We usually cancel the long-running (hung) pipeline and restart it. It completes fine after the restart. But, this restart process is totally manual and cumbersome. I designed and implemented process automations to handle this situation.

The main thing that’s needed to restart a long-running (hung) pipeline is the list of tables that are yet to be processed by the pipeline. To get this list, I developed a process to track the progress of the pipeline for each table. This info is stored in a table and a Power BI dashboard is built on that. You can find more details about this in my previous blog post.

We use Event Management module of ServiceNow for alerts management. I created an alert in ADF to monitor long-running pipeline, and that alert is integrated with Event Management module. So, when an alert is generated in ADF for long-running pipeline, it triggers an alert in Event Management module and that alert will create an incident ticket for us.

ServiceNow’s Event Management alert can trigger a script. To automate the long-running (hung) pipeline restart process, I leveraged this capability. I coded a PowerShell script that does the following.

  1. Connect to our Azure subscription.
  2. Get the RunID of the long-running (hung) pipeline by running Kusto query on Log Analytics workspace associated with our ADF instance.
  3. Cancel the long-running (hung) pipeline.
  4. Start a new pipeline that processes the remaining tables.

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